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HOUZZ:  7 Stylish New Bathrooms With Low-Curb Showers 

Houzz selected our bathroom renovation for our Pensacola client and delved into our design strategies and Pro Tips that we applied in our bathroom design.


award winning bathroom renovation featured in houzz
award winning bathroom renovation featured in houzz

HOUZZ - 10 Most Popular Bathrooms So Far in 2023 
AHD"s bathroom renovation for our Pensacola Renovation was selected as Number 1 out of 10 MOST POPULAR renovations of 2023!


Pensacola Basement Renovation

A Single Family Renovation

Chicago, Illinois

Type: Renovation

Location: Lakeview, Chicago

Adina Hall Design was hired by a family to reimagine their lower level floor. We started with rethinking the layout, making some small yet impactful adjustments such as eliminating an inefficient closet in order to add a state of the art Parent Recharge Station (a.k.a. Home Bar), enlarging the Guest Bedroom to allow for circulation on both size of a a queen size bed, eliminating the Jack and Jill functionality of the bathroom (yes to this every time!) and adding loads of built-ins, exposed and enclosed in order to maximize toy and book storage as well as create a media center for the TV. 


Our next priority was bringing the staircase and bathroom up code and significantly improving the experience in both areas. The staircase was narrow and felt dark so we introduced a slat wall which allows more light into the staircase from the lower level and adds an elevated architectural element.

The family's aesthetic is contemporary minimalist therefore we used a black and white palette to provide neutral backdrop for the multitude of colorful toys. Given the deep window niches and modern aesthetic, we took inspiration from Corbusier's Ronchamp Chape, and added 3 different colors to the window niches that create a play of colorful beams of light as they filter into the space:  orange, blue and green. 

The lower level is now the family's favorite hang-out spot and a welcoming haven as they prepare for the implementation of the first floor design.




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