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Stockholm Modern Scandi Remodel

Stockholm, Sweden

Type: Condominium

Come on in and visit our Master Bath reno for a family of 4 in Stockholm, Sweden. Given that space is a premium, this bathroom needed to accommodate a shower with space for a kids foldable bathtub and for a parent so we left the shower door off and converted the entire bathroom into a wet room.

This was the only area of the home that could accommodate a W/D so we eliminated the tub in order to create a niche for the W/D to tuck into.

We used 12”x24” natural marble floor tiles in the open area and transitioned to a 4” square tiles in the shower zone to ensure a correct slope towards the drain.

We stayed true to the Scandinavian timeless aesthetic by using natural marble and white porcelain tile and created a spa-like environment by playing with textures, indirect lighting in the niches, adding gold fixtures and an oak floating vanity.



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