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Zen Beach House Retreat

A Beachfront Residence

Wauconda, Illinois

In the realm of interior design, few challenges rival the task of melding polar opposite tastes into a unified vision. Yet, when a no-nonsense CEO and a crafty mountain enthusiast sought to create their dream retreat, we rose to the occasion to marry their individual aesthetics and create their Dream Home.


Embracing a bright, light-filled aesthetic (a common denominator in their styles), our first priority was to address the layout of both floors and make programmatic changes in order to add an adequate of bathrooms, walk in closets, a laundry room and a new gym.

A transformative move was the relocation and new design of the fireplace —an architectural centerpiece that once obstructed the views from the kitchen to the lake and was nothing less than an eye sore. We installed a two-way contemporary freestanding tower finished in split face limestone mosaic with a limestone hearth that acts as extra seating. The new fireplace creates a visual divide between the living and dining room, allowing both the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the fire.

Second, we embraced our commitment to durability in addressing the architectural finishes, selecting natural yet durable genuine finishes that will welcome the joyful chaos of grandchildren. With meticulous care, we curated a palette of natural materials, from custom-stained solid oak hardwood floors to sumptuous wool and silk rugs, and elegant natural marble tile and countertops, each chosen for its enduring charm and resilience.

Nestled by the tranquil Bangs Lake, the home enjoys panoramic vistas of the gardens and water, as well as its very own private beach and boat launching pad. To pay homage to its incredible views, we employed a palette of light hues and soft tones, accentuated with indigo and teal tones, creating a captivating interplay of light and depth.


In the private sanctuaries of the home's bathrooms, functionality meets refinement and harmony. Floating vanities, integrated lighting, and exquisite stone vessel sinks offer a spa-like experience, while the intricate beauty of natural stone mosaic and three-dimensional walls infuse each space with a palpable sense of luxury.


In the tapestry of design, the story of this project revolves around creating harmony in this tale of two distinct souls united in a haven of serenity and modern contemporary style through thoughtful design that inspires and elevates the soul.


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