"Early in the discussion and design stages for our new facility, Adina Balasu, of Nelson, spent a significant amount of time learning about our business and ISI’s progressive global image. Although our business involves furniture installation, warehousing and trucking services, it was important to me that our corporate headquarters was warm and welcoming to our employees and clients, encouraging collaboration and a plan for future growth. This became a focus for Adina, also, throughout the project. Her fresh contemporary ideas about bringing natural light into the space, changes in ceiling heights, light fixtures and carpet patterns to define work areas, as well as selecting soft color tones all came together beautifully. ISI works with many manufacturers and dealers, so an additional goal was to showcase several furniture and architectural wall systems. Adina’s creative approach to blend these various furniture styles through the colors and finishes made the transitions between each furniture group seamless. I sincerely appreciate Adina’s hard work and the finished project has exceeded my expectations. It has given ISI a new energy and impresses all who enter ISI’s front door. We have received numerous compliments about our new office space which is evidence that we have achieved our goal; thanks in large part to Adina’s talents."

Matthew Sprenzel


"Adina is very creative, hard working and detail oriented individual. Her fun and professional personality makes working with her very enjoyable!"


Lenore Callahan

Creative Entrepreneur

"Adina's designs are "out-of-the-box", on the leading edge of creativity in art, they are modern, daring, and well balanced. The color schemes she chooses are always exquisite, delightful to the eye, attractive to the mind, and relaxing to the heart and soul."

I enjoy working with Adina as she is very talented, creative, honest and daring.  She is direct and confident in her radical ideas, clear on expectations, and punctual.  I was surprised a few times by some suggestions she made, that I thought would not look good (...what do I know?), but I trusted her, went with it, and found out they were the best solutions for the spaces we were renovating.  I LOVED the outcome.  I learned not to second-guess her ever again, and to fully trust her.  Whatever she creates, is going to look and feel great in the end!  She is a perfectionist with a budget in mind.

Mitch Balasu

Consultant at Aeronautilus

"If Adina is involved, she will make your project a winner."

Joe Villneuve

Concepts in Design President




"In my 19 years of selling homes in this area, not many WOW me...this house was perfection from one end to the other. I don't know if the seller did this all themselves, or hired someone to do it...a SUPERIOR job was done and my buyer was in love!! She has two bad knees and wants a ranch, but from the minute we drove up, I knew this was going to be a challenge. She just can't do it...and she is literally up at night thinking about it. I've suggested an elevator or at least an old fashioned "dumb waiter" but she just can't do it. Where did those light fixtures come from?? The cabinetry?? The doors?? So much to love in every room. WELL DONE!!! What a joy to view but I think it's a tough one. Bad knees are one thing, snow and ice is another. I wish you well with your listing."


Coldwell Banker Home

"Adina has helped me renovate and remodel several properties. The last one was a quick renovation in August 2020 for one of my investment rental properties. When you look at the "before-and-after" pictures, it is clear that the results of her work are impressive, even with the extremely tight budget and schedule that we had to work with. Adina's designs show her passion and creativity for developing living universes, that people want to immerse and surround themselves with, as soon as they see them. When you see one of her designs, you immediately feel the desire to be in that space. She has an impressive gift to transform spaces in ways you cannot imagine beforehand, with color combinations you would have not imagined, but when you see the finished product, you love them because it is absolutely superb and pleasing. It simply feels good..."

Mitch Balasu

Consultant at Aeronautilus

"Adina Balasu was highly appreciated by the company in her role as Project Architect for the Village Market, a multi-level shopping center, from which she took the design development concept to a permitted set of construction documents. Additionally, Adina helped me in marketing the Chandler commercial space although it was outside of her arena of responsibilities and she created a strong relationship with the client for the company. I highly recommend her as a Design or Project Architect for projects of any size and scope." 


Brian Gordon

VP at Magellan

"Adina Balasu is one in the next evolution architectural designers on the verge of being discovered. A context specific design approach results in organic compositions with complex – but functional and natural – spatial relationships as demonstrated in design exercises of the ‘Chameleon’ and the ‘Confluence’. Ms. Balasu’s drive for design innovation and excellence will prove to shape communities and respond positively to the eco-environment. As a colleague, she has helped to form new visions in the way we practice and communicate our design message and philosophy. With Adina's conviction, your next design project is bound to be a success!"


David Moehring 

Sr. Capital Planner at University of WA