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Enchanted Forest Maisonette

Interior Renovation

Chicago, Illinois

Designer: Adina Hall Design

Adina Hall Design was hired to renovate a single family maisonette, located steps from the Magnificent Mile, for a family relocating with their teenage daughter to Chicago from Ohio. Leaving her childhood home behind, her friends and realm,  the daughter was struggling with the idea of the move. As a mom myself, I was driven by a sole purpose: to create an enchanted wonderland for the daughter, one that would put a smile on her face and make her excited to call Chicago her new home.


We created a design rooted in nature with Asian flair, that was highly personalized to the aesthetic and stories that made this family happy. They each have a holistic outlook on life and honor a deep connection with nature. We were inspired by the fact that the daughter collects crystals and gemstones and we wanted to create an uplifting environment through the metaphisical properties of natural materials. Throughout the home we commissioned custom furniture made in India made out of natural semiprecious gemstones: as you enter the foyer you are greeted by a large leaning amethyst floor mirror to help you leave stress and anxiety at the door, a chrysoprase coffee table offering a fresh start and new opportunities adorns the living room, a large green quartz floor lamp brings positive energy to the family room, two backlit white agate nesting tables form the center of the family room and bring a loving and grounding energy to the space, a selenite wall art brings purity and peace to the dining room, the Master Bedroom nightstands are made of backlit smokey quartz known to elevate the mood and bring on calm and positive thoughts, a selenite sunburst mirror adds sparkle to a hallway, and geodes and crystals are used throughout the home to elevate the frequency of spaces and bring prosperity and protection.


The daughter now loves her new home and is excited to start her new life in Chicago. 


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