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Great Lakes by Design Magazine explores Adina Hall's design philosophy, approach to projects and takes a deep dive into the details and strategies behind her soulful design at  the Adler on The Park mansion.

THE SPRUCE - 30 Office Rug Ideas to Soften Your Work From Home Setup | April 15, 2023
The Spruce featured our Enchanted Forest Maisonette home office as inspiration when pairing a colorful rug with wood furniture.


HOUZZ - 6 Fashionable New Dining Rooms
AHD"s dining room design for the Enchanted Forest Maisonette was selected as #1 of 6 fashionable dining rooms to create crowd-pleasing character and ambiance.

HOUZZ - 7 Stylish New Bathrooms With Low-Curb Showers | February 10, 2023
Houzz selected our bathroom renovation for our Pensacola client and delved into our design strategies and Pro Tips that we applied in our bathroom design.


MAYA ROMANOFF - Design Showcase, August, 2022
AHD reveals the inspiration behind the design in Maya Romanoff's Design Showcase.

Porcelanosa Story.jpg

PORCELANOSA - Private Residence, Clearwater, FL
Porcelanosa takes a tour of our Oceanfront residence and gives an overview of the luxury materials used throughout.

AHD is featured as one of the Top Designers that engaged in the transformation of the historic Lincoln Park mansion, Adler on the Park.

Ocean Home Magazine.jpg

OCEAN HOME MAGAZINE - Blue Waves and Ocean Views Inspire a Florida Condo Makeover | November, 2022
Ocean Home Magazine takes a step inside the Clearwater Florida corner ocean-front unit home that AHD designed, The article discusses where AHD drew inspiration for the design decisions, and testimonies from our clients.


WANNABE CLUTTER FREE PODCAST - Interview | April 18th, 2023
Deanna Yates interviews Adina Hall on the Expert design process, mixing and matching styles like a pro, design faux=pas and strategies to elevate the look of your home if you are renting, 

HOUZZ - 10 Most Popular Bathrooms So Far in 2023 
AHD"s bathroom renovation for our Pensacola Renovation was selected as Number 1 out of 10 MOST POPULAR renovations of 2023!


CBS NEWS CHICAGO - Historic Mansion Tours Open To Public | April 29, 2022
CBS News took a took a tour through the stunning Adler on the Park Showhouse and featured AHD's Home Office Suite on the morning news. 


PAGODA RED - Adler On the Park: A Showcase House in Historic Lincoln Park
Pagoda Red interviewed AHD on the design strategies behind creating the ideal home office. This article dives in to how to achieve a calming haven as well as a mentally stimulating space that allows your creative energies to drive your productivity.

Architects & Artisans.jpg

ARCHITECTS & ARTISANS - Gulf of Mexico Views Inspire a Florida Condo Makeover, December 2022
Architects and Artisans takes a step inside the Clearwater Florida corner ocean-front unit home that AHD designed, The article discusses the design process and the inspiration behind the design decisions.

the old house life.jpg

THE OLD HOUSE LIFE - February, 2023
Michelle Bowers takes the readers along on a tour of the one-of-a-kind historic Lincoln Park mansion.

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