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Great Lakes by Design Magazine explores Adina Hall's design philosophy, approach to projects and takes a deep dive into the details and strategies behind her soulful design at  the Adler on The Park mansion.


CBS NEWS CHICAGO -  April 29, 2022
CBS News took a took a tour through the stunning Adler on the Park Showhouse and featured AHD's Home Office Suite on the morning news. 


AHD is featured as one of the Top Designers that engaged in the transformation of the historic mansion, Adler on the Park.


MAYA ROMANOFF - Design Showcase, August, 2022
AHD reveals the inspiration behind the design in Maya Romanoff's Design Showcase.


PAGODA RED - The Red Book Stories
Pagoda Red interviewed AHD on the design strategies behind creating the ideal home office. This article dives in to how to create a calming haven as well as a mentally stimulating space that allows your creative energies to drive your productivity.


Adler on The Park Showhouse

Once Upon A Pasture

Chicago, Illinois

Designer: Adina Hall Scope:

Type: Showhouse

Location: 2700 N Lakeview, Chicago, IL

Completion: May 2022

Adina Home Design was invited to participate in the the Adler on the Park proeminent historic home showhouse along with 40 other top designers from the US. We were invited to design a bedroom suite and took this opportunity to showcase how a small 12'x13' room can be successfully converted into a work from home office. The home office has become an essential requirement in every home we design, in fact we are now being asked to design at least two home offices for each home renovation, and sometimes we see a requirement for an additional study if there are children living at home.


When we started the design process, not having an actual client to design to was the toughest hurdle. Our process focuses on an in depth discovery process that allows us get to know the client so we can design a tailored space that embodies their personality and their passions.


I put myself in the shoes of the client and designed a space that incorporated elements that I had a visceral reaction to: love and longing at first sight. I knew I wanted to design the space according Zen and Feng Shui principles so everything we selected needed to be purposeful in creating a happy and healthy environment.


I am not one to follow trends however the Zen interior design style is timeless and it is a quality that I sneak into most of my projects. Za Buddhist school of thought that originated in India, was transmitted to China and then Japan where it was formalized. It


Feng Shui has less to do with the beauty of the space and more with the health of the space. It impacts how Qi energy flows within the home and it directly impacts how we feel. Some of the most luxurious homes do not have good Qi energy while other economical spaces designed using Feng Shui principles have the power to make us feel happier, healthier and more productive.


For the project we sourced authentic pieces made of honest raw materials that followed the Zen ideology and helped us implement the Feng Shui concepts. We were immediately drawn to the Iron Stool as it is made of solid Elmwood, scarred by years of being used as a kitchen chopping block dating back to 1850 China. The stool embodies the honest, raw and slightly pastoral qualities that we were seeking to bring life and character to the design of our space. Functionally the stool can double up as guest seat for the office or a side table for the sofa yet it tucks away perfectly underneath the console table, allowing the center of the room to remain open.


The office environment should hit the right balance between a haven away from the chaotic life and a stimulating space that allows your creative energies to drive your productivity. You can awaken the senses by incorporating objects that inspire you or remind you of your travels. I fell in love with the antique solid bronze elephant bell and the meticulously carved cypress calligraphy brush holder which contrast the contemporary sleek white desk that they adorn. They reminded me of my honeymoon in Bali where the art of handcarving is still alive and being passed down through generations. We also got to be cuddled by some elephants in our trip (trunks wrapped around us), and the elephant bell reminded me of this one of a kind experience.


I fell in love with the Egrets Amongst Lotuses at first sight. In Feng Shui, birds are symbols of new opportunities on the horizon so they are a perfect complement to a home office environment. Particularly, egret symbolize purity, balance and concentration so we could not have come across a more fitted piece for our space. The colors are soothing yet the piece has incredible presence in the space. It is the first element that anyone notices when walking in the room and the reaction is always to let out an exuberant wow.

Overall we feel that we accomplished our goal in designing an uplifting office environment as we have been lucky to meet with countless visitors and see their reaction upon entering. It has been exhilarating to watch them call out their friend / partner upon catching a glimpse of the room with a “HEY JILL, YOU HAVE GOT TO COME CHECK OUT THIS SPACE!!!” Inevitably, there is a wow and a sigh of relief upon entering, as if they finally found a haven they have been searching for.


It has been such a gift to see the love and popularity that our little space has been receiving, I have had countless people reach out on social media to let me know that they visited the space and it left a strong impression on them. We definitely feel like we hit the mark with what we set out to accomplish with this space.



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